While deciding which movie to do next for The NetFlakes Podcast, Caroline wished that they could do only Nic Cage movies from here on out.

And thus, a new podcast was born, one dedicated entirely to Nic Cage’s oeuvre.

Neither Dylan nor Caroline were big fans of Nic Cage before starting this podcast. They just knew that there was something about the enigmatically majestic man that drew them in.

We take turns picking a new movie to do for the next episode. We do the movies out of order, and as a result come to understand Nic Cage’s work in an erratic way. This seems appropriate.

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Caroline Diezyn is a PhD student, writer, and artist in London, Ontario. They think Nic Cage in Moonstruck is dreamy af. Check out their ranked list of every movie on Rattling The Cage on Letterboxd. Send them Cage memes on Twitter.

Dylan Clark-Moore is a person who loves to talk about media in London, Ontario. He joined Rattling The Cage because talking about Nic Cage’s personality is way easier than forming his own. You can find him on TwitterInstagram, and Letterboxd. Dylan has stepped back from the podcast, so now Caroline is inviting guests to join them for episodes.

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